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Your not going to find thousands of names here--Just the Top Dog Names.

From the links below you can travel through many categories of names ranging from the most Popular to the completely Exotic.

Many of these pages include Top Tips designed to help new dog owners through the early days. Every page includes meanings, ideas, and suggestions --so you can't fail to come up with a Great Puppy Name!

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Here's 3 Top Tips to help you name your new pet.

Top Tip Number 1: Look for the shorter names, if you want your puppy to tune in to it's name quickly. Dogs can only deal with short, unalike words.....Call me Winner and I'll think it's dinner.

Top Tip Number 2: Pick several names that you like. Then, speaking slowly, and lovingly call your puppy. Some names will be ignored. But at the sound of others, the ears will prick up attentively. Or, the head will cock to one side almost in recognition of the new word.

Choose one of those. And use that for the rest of their lives

Top Tip Number 3: Help your dog to respond quickly to its new name by using it at meal-time. And especially when you play together.

The most popular Dog Name categories.

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The more exotic Dog Name categories.

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Female Dog Name A-Z categories.

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Male Dog Name A-Z categories.

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Dog Breed Names

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