Dogs and Kids--Can they really get along together?

The short answer is yes, dogs and kids are compatible. The long answer follows........

If you have been one of the fortunate people to have grown up in the company of a well-adjusted dog, you will be aware of the close attachment that you had to that dog. You are almost certainly aware of just how much that dog would have contributed to your own personal development in to a well-adjusted adult.

Perhaps the following echo's your own experience?

Your parents would have been the thoughtful type.

They did their homework before getting your puppy. They would have acknowledged that finding a breed with the type of temperament that is more suited to the rough and tumble world of children was paramount.

Their next step was to have located that knowledgeable breeder. One who was responsible enough to understand that the foundation stone of a breed is its temperament.

Your dog taught you to be kind:

You soon realised, through the tutoring of your parents, that a dog doesn't think as we do. They react to events instinctively. If he is abused, or feels threatened, he will react in an instinctive way, either by fleeing, or by protecting himself.

Your parents were wise enough to allow you to train and socialise your new pet, teaching him the nature of our world.

This taught you your 1st important lesson: That in order to be loved, you must give love.

Baby Love

Your next lesson was in patience, and the determination to overcome difficulties:

You watched, at first from the sidelines, as your parents taught your puppy his first steps in the world of humans. You watched as he got things wrong, but you saw that your parent's patience and kindness, and the sheer determination of your dog to reward those qualities, finally paid off.

It wasn't too long before you were teaching your dog, and the bond of trust and mutual respect grew throughout your years together. You understood that this reflected your own triumphs and failures, during your formative years.

Later in life, you realised what an important lesson you had learnt, when you began to coach your own children about dogs.

Dogs and Children--Incompatible?

You now realise that your sense of responsibility has its roots in your early relationship with your dog.

It didn't come easy. Those times that you forgot his walk, was late in feeding him, neglected to greet him. Yes, you knew then that your parent's were backing you up.

But, now you know that responsibility is a learnt behaviour, and that your dog's final gift to you, was the part he played in forming the person that you have now become.

Perhaps the greatest lesson your dog has taught you is about caring.

Your now wise enough to know that you would not get a dog when your situation means that you can't socialise, train, and care for it properly. You know that a dog isn't just another throw-away once the initial attraction has worn off.

You recognise that teaching your children how to behave towards your dog, is equally as important as how you educate your dog.

You acknowledge that you need to find out as much as possible about your chosen breed, before you even get your puppy.

After all your dog would have done that much for you---wouldn't he?

That's about it for dogs and kids--Why not.........

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