Here's the O's of girl dog names......

  • Oasis...Kicks off the girl dog names.
  • Oberon...A satellite of Uranus and an Unusual dog name.
  • Octavia...Prominent female in Roman History.
  • October...Did she arrive in time for Halloween?
  • Odessa... Ukranian port.
  • Odyssey...A long, and eventful journey.
  • Olga...As Russian as the Kremlin.

  • Olympia...The site of the original Olympic Games.
  • O'Malley... Top Irish dog name.
  • Omega...The final letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • Omen...Definetly a good one!
  • Oona..Princess character from Disney.
  • Opal...Gemstone, usually white.
  • Oprah...Full of advice and endlessly dieting?
  • Opus...Musically a piece of creative work.
  • Orbit...Has she got you travelling in circles. Dog takes man for a walk
  • Orca...Killer whale. And the name of a cocker predecessor.
  • Orchid...A flower of beautiful coloration.
  • Oriel...A really nice dog name.
  • Orient...Did she come from the East?
  • Orkney...Tiny island off of the Scottish mainland.
  • Otter...Does she love to swim?
  • Owl...Simply a cute girl dog name.

Let's take a short break from girl dog names for a top dog tip......

As soon as your puppy regards its dog bed or pen as her own little home. Then, she is ready to begin learning about being home alone.

Start as you mean to go on. Leave her toys in her dog bed. If you want, leave something with your re-assuring scent on it. Give her a quick stroke, say "going out" and point to the door. Walk briskly to the door, and close it.

Go in to another room. Stay there for 10 minutes, then return to her room.Act cheerfully, but don't make a big fuss of her even if she is whimpering. She'll quickly learn how to exploit the situation if she thinks she only has to make a tiny squeak and you'll come running.

Don't allow her to become over exuberant in her greeting. Repeat this exercise as often as you think neccessary. Gradually, lengthen the periods of separation. And the times of day that you do it. Fairly soon home alone will become as normal as her walks, and not a reason for anxiety.

Ok, straight in to the P's of girl dog names.......

  • Pandora...One of Saturn's moons. And a lady with a box.
  • Pal...Speaks for itself.
  • Palm...An unusual girl dog name.
  • Paprika...A reddish brown spice.
  • Parsley...Top garnish and cute puppy name
  • Pastel...A soft and delicate hue.
  • Patches...Popular dog name for a tri-color.
  • Paws...The canine version of Jaws.
  • Pearl...A rare find.
  • Peaches...Golden yellow, like velvet.
  • Pebbles...A small stone. But a precious one to you.
  • Pegasus...The mythical winged horse. Call her Peg.
  • Penny...Because she's worth a great deal more.
  • Pepper...Hot and colorful.
  • Phantom...Hard to find sometimes? Call her Fanta.
  • Pia...Indian arrowroot.
  • Pickle...Has she got you in to a "pickle"?
  • Pinky...Simply a cute girl dog name.

  • Pisces...Latin for fishes and the 12th sign of the Zodiac.
  • Pixie...Another cute puppy name.
  • Polar...Pure white and from the North.
  • Polly...A fun girl dog name.
  • Poppy...With showy red, orange or white flowers.
  • Princess...A very popular dog name.
  • Prune...Is she black and wrinkly?
  • Prudence...Sensible and cautious. Call her Pru.
  • Puddles....Oh my. She's done it again!
  • Pukka...Yes...she's the real thing alright.
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