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  • Ultra...Heads the U's top dog names.
  • Unity...The state of being one. Harmony.
  • Uranus...The 7th planet from the Sun.

  • Urchin...A little scamp. And a Cute dog name.
  • Ursa...A constellation.
  • Utopia...An ideal and perfect place.

Sleeping puppy

  • Vandal...Home in bits?
  • Vanilla...Sweet and white.
  • Vegas...For the puppy that likes to take risks.
  • Velvet...Coat as soft as silk?
  • Venice...Focus of the Renaissance .
  • Verona...The setting for Romeo and Juliet.
  • Vesta...The brightest of all the asteroids.
  • Veteran...Before you know it he will be.
  • Villain...What--a cute little puppy!
  • Voodoo...Under his spell?
  • Vulcan...Big, floppy ears? Name your puppy after Spock's planet.

Time for a Top Dog Tip

Undoubtedly, the car is going to play a part in your pups life. So, it's a good idea to prepare him right from the start.

If your collecting him, hold him in your arms throughout the journey, and reassure him. If it's a long journey, stop, and let him run around for a while. Be kind, it's a frightening time for him.

During the first week take him for short trips. Make it an experience that he will want to repeat. Most dogs, like humans, want to watch where they are going. Dogs also want to smell it. So, please don't let him hang his head out of the window. Dust, and debris can cause injuries. Later on, he will need a permanent place. Check out a good dog seat belt harness that allows him to lie down. Using a pet seat belt right from the start is a good idea. But, if she's an excitable pup consider a dog crate.

Safety for you and your dog in the auto is of prime importance. So please train him to behave in it.

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  • Wallace...Would suit a thoughtful pup. Shorten to Wally.
  • Wag...Just look at that waggy tail.
  • Waif...He was lost--but now he's found.
  • Welcome...Every time you come home expect a huge one.
  • Whisky...A Scottish dog name.
  • Whisper...Never barks? Call him Whisp.

  • Whiskers...Another fun, top dog name.
  • Whiz...Why is he always in a hurry?
  • Wolf...Why not!
  • Woof...A fun puppy name.
  • Woodstock...The daddy of all free festivals. Call him Woody.
  • Wriggles....A real cute top dog name.

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Running Dalmatian

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