The lowdown on travelling with your dog?

Travelling with your dog can be just a quick drive up the road to the park--to 1000's of miles on a plane. One thing is for sure--your dog wants to come with you--no matter where your going.

But, sometimes you just have to leave your pet behind, because it's either not practical, or the type of vacation that you've got planned wouldn't suit your dog.

You'll need to consider the climate. The accommodation, what is and isn't allowed. The mode of transport, plane, or train, and what rules and regulations apply to pets? But, if you do intend travelling with your pet here are a few tips that will make the trip less problematic.

  1. Accustom your dog to travelling. Take him for some short trips. If he's travel sick, you'll need to take him on a number of short journeys, that end in a walk, or a game. A few training trips like this should soon solve the problem.
  2. Right from the start your dog needs a designated area of the auto. This space is where all journeys will start and end from. Remember, your protected to some degree from collisions, and braking quickly, by seat belts, and/or air bags. Dog harnesses are available that allow your pet to lie down.
  3. Dog travel crates are a good idea, they're convenient, safe, and removable. They come in a variety of sizes, enabling the dog to stand, sit, or simply lay flat out. Usually a pet will just lie down in a dog crate, and sleep throughout the journey.
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  4. If its a long trip, stop frequently, let your dog out to stretch his legs. Never leave your dog alone in the car--especially on warm days. Heatstroke has killed an escalating number of pets.

Travelling with your dog using public transport? Consider the following:

  1. Get your dog micro chipped it could save you from a lot of confusion, and possible heartache, later.
  2. Trains are usually pet friendly. It might be wise to take your dog on a short train trip prior to any lengthy one.
  3. The rules for pets on planes change frequently, make sure that your up to date with them, prior to booking.

  4. Some airlines allow your dog to remain with you during the flight. But, some require them to be placed in the luggage compartment. Check this out if you don't want to be parted from your pet.
  5. Make sure that your aware of the documentation your dog will need by the country that your going to visit. Also any local rules that might apply to pets.

A little bit of forethought will definitely ensure that travelling with your dog will be a safe, and pleasant event for both of you

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