A dog owner's essential equipment? What is it?

Exactly what dog owner's equipment are you going to need for your for your new pal? According to the pet market your going to need a removal truck full of essential items. The range is huge, and the new dog owner must find it all bewildering.

Rest easy: The vast majority of this dog equipment is non-essential, and what you do need is going to cost you very little.

Here is a list of the Must Haves, and some tips concerning their use:

Food and Water bowl:

Food and a separate water bowl. They should be heavy enough so that they cannot be easily knocked over. Glazed ceramic, and stainless steel are best. They need to be the right size for your dog, and the size of meal that you'll eventually be dishing up. If your pet has long ears think about getting a spaniel bowl--these are shaped like a cone, and they prevent your dog from getting his ears in his dinner at every meal. Wash his bowl after every meal, and set it aside until the next meal.

Dog bed and bedding:

A dog needs his own space, that is an area where he can stretch out, and call his own. They're are many types of dog beds available. Some people prefer to use bean bags, blankets, fleeces, or proprietary bedding, but whatever you use make sure that its comfortable, and easily washed.

Some pet owners prefer a crate, and their are arguments for and against their use. You will need to accustom your pet to crate life, in easy steps. Just make sure that when you order the dog crate that it will be large enough to accommodate the full grown dog, standing, sitting and lying full stretch.

Not an essential piece of dog equipment!

Dog leash and collar:

An absolutely essential piece of dog equipment. . Don't take your pet anywhere without both. Leads and collars come in all shapes and sizes, and many manufacturers make unsubstantiated claims for their products. Your the best judge of what is right for you and your dog, not an advert.

The leash needs to be the right length, to fit in your hand comfortably. Chains are uncomfortable for you and your dog. When your choosing a leash remember that your going to need to-leash train your pet with it--so choose wisely. ,

Retractable leashes can be a good choice. Make sure that it's sturdy enough for your type of dog. Also check the release and catch mechanism, some of them couldn't hold a mouse.

Dog grooming equipment:

Long or short, wiry or silky, no matter what type of coat your pet has, it is going to need regular grooming. Their are no self-cleaning breeds. Grooming keeps the dog's skin and coat in good condition. Unravels tangles, prevents matting, and helps to keep shedding to manageable proportions. It will also beautify your dog, and they do like to look beautiful.

What grooming equipment your going to need is dependent on your dog's coat type. If you got your dog from a breeder ask their advise, likewise if the dog is rescued. At the very least you'll need a stiff brush, to remove the dead hair, followed by grooming with a hound glove to give the coat a gloss finish. That, and a good dog shampoo. Some breeds are going to need a more professional approach. If your not willing to invest the time that it will take to master this--check out your local canine beauty salon's.

The final countdown of the dog owner's essential equipment

Dog ID Tag or micro chipping:

Save yourself a lot of self-recrimination by getting one or the other--preferably both. Losing your dog can by an awful experience--I know it's happened to me.

Poop Scoop:

Good hygiene is important in your yard, garden and when out and about. The pooper scooper solves the problem of dog faeces in the locality of the home. Poo bags solve it out of doors. Make sure that they're bio-degradable.

Dog toys:

Activity toys will keep your dog interested, and interesting. Play is an essential part of bonding with your pet, and should also form part of your socialisation program. Shaking, chasing, pulling, chewing, is all part of a dog's natural instincts--the wolf inside. There are several toys that aside from the mental stimulation that they provide, will help to keep your dog’s teeth in good shape.

Medical aids:

Flea and parasite treatments are essential. Make sure that you understand this important area of your dog's health, and become aware of what your options are concerning the preventative measures that are available to you. A small first-aid kit is advisable. Cotton wool, and antiseptic for cleaning wounds, blunt or rounded end scissors, either type of bandage, fabric or sticky, surgical tape, tweezers, some clean cotton material for wounds.

That's it. These are the only items that can usefully be considered as the essential dog owner's equipment. Not much when you consider how much your pet is going to give you in return.

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