Choose a memorable Male Puppy Name from this list..

  • Mac...Cute male puppy name for a Scottish pup.
  • Maestro...For the real Master.
  • Mafia....For the puppy you don't say no to.
  • Magic...Top male puppy name.
  • Magna...A grand name.
  • Magnus...As Norwegian as the fjords.
  • Majesty...Gosh, a real top dog name.
  • Major....For the military pup.

  • Mali...W. African country and Unique dog name.
  • Mango...A sweet and juicy tropical fruit.
  • Marmaduke...Great Dane of comic strip fame.
  • Mars...The red planet and Roman god of war.
  • Maxim...Call him Max.
  • Maya...A term for magic in Hinduism.
  • Measles...For the spotty dog.
  • Mercury...Messenger of the Gods.
  • Merlin...The fabled Wizard.
  • Meteor...A shooting star!
  • Metro...Male puppy name for the city dog.
  • Micro...Definetly for the tiny dog.
  • Midas...For a golden boy.
  • Midnight...Dark and bewitching.
  • Ming...Is he as precious as fine porcelain.
  • Minstrel...A wandering medieval entertainer.
  • Minty...A Cool dog name.

Two Dalmatians

  • Monty...Short for Montgomery. Posh dog!
  • Mosaic...Top puppy name if he's a bit of a mixture.
  • Mozart...A remarkable prodigy. Just like your puppy.
  • Muffin...Just a cute male puppy name.
  • Mule...Stubborn?
  • Murphy...As Irish as leprechauns.
  • Muttley...Cartoon dog with a distinctive laugh.

Time for another Top Dog Tip...

Like children we need toys. To a puppy everything is a toy to be dragged, shaken, chewed, and even swallowed. He can't tell the difference between the rubber ring that you bought him, and your best shoes, electric cables, new hat, pills, etc.

We need to chew and play. So, it's your responsibility to make sure that we are denied access to dangerous and forbidden items. But, allowed safe and chewable dog toys.

There's a huge variety of safe, chewable bones, rings, chews etc. Kongs are the supreme example of a safe and fun dog toy. The hollow types can be filled with a treat. Puppies adore chewing these. Especially when teething.

on't overload your puppy with toys. Too big a choice and he will think that everything is a dog toy--with the obvious results.

Finally, keep one or two "special" toys aside. Only bring these out when you play with him. Again, this relates to you as a leader. By only allowing him access to these "special" toys when you permit it--you are once more sending him a subtle message about exactly who is in charge.

Let's rejoin the hunt for a top Male Puppy Name....

  • Nap...Short, sweet and a cute puppy name.
  • Napoleon...French Emperor and military genius.
  • Nelson...One eyed, one armed English naval hero.
  • Nero...Naughty dogs only.
  • Ness...Call him after the Loch Ness monster.
  • Neva...Russian river and an Unusual dog name.
  • Nibbles...Cool puppy name.
  • Nikki...Top name for a Husky.
  • Nikko...Japanese town. Good name for an Akita.
  • Nimbus...The halo of light around a saintly head. Wowee!
  • Ninja...Are you going to train him as an assassin and saboteur?
  • Nipper...Applies to most puppies. Good for a tiny pup.
  • Noah...Noticed him busily building something in the shed?
  • Nobel...Because he deserves a top prize.
  • Noel...Cute puppy name if he arrived a Christmas.

  • Nomad...Top male puppy name for a wanderer.
  • Noodles...Another cute male puppy name.
  • Nubia...Ancient desert region of the Nile valley.
  • Nugget...Pure gold!
  • Nutmeg...Brown and spicy.

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