Find a terrific Male Dog Name from this bumper list...

  • Kaiser...German for emperor. And a top male dog name.
  • Kali..Swahili for fierce.
  • Kabuki...Japanese theatrical drama. Suit an Akita.
  • Kamikaze...For the extremely reckless dog.
  • Karma...Was he fated to be with you? Cute Puppy
  • Kashmir...Beautiful region of N. Asia.
  • Katmandu...The capital of Nepal.
  • Khan...After Kipling's tiger Shere Khan.
  • Keats...Notable English poet.
  • Kelly...As Irish as Guinness.
  • Keno...Does he like a ball game.
  • Kenya...E. African country.
  • Kin...Because he's now part of your family.
  • King...Canine royalty. And a popular male dog name.
  • Kong...Big, bad and misunderstood?
  • Kremlin...Russian seat of power. Kudos...Does he deserve praise?
  • Kuro...Means black in Japanese.

  • Kyoto...The one-time capital of Japan.

Let's break for a Top Dog Tip...

Once your puppy comes to look upon you as its leader. And once the name you have chosen is understood and responded to. Then, your puppy is ready to begin his first lessons.

We come to you already "Wired" to please our leader. Teaching us the basics of good manners isn't that difficult providing you plan your dog training lessons.

At first keep lessons very short. Just a few minutes. Ideally, just before feeding.

Pick a place with few distractions as your dog training area. Be consistent in the words and hand signals that you use. A pup's concentration span is very short. So, be patient.

Combine tidbits with praise. Lessons are learnt and reinforced much better by giving food rewards intermittently, rather than constantly.

And finally always end on a high note. Always finish with the lesson he's learnt best. Make the whole thing fun for you and your pup. That way learning becomes a pleasure, rather than a pain

Find a male dog name amongst the L's....

  • Laddie...Scottish for a boy. And a top male dog name. Lagos...Capital of Nigeria. And a Unique dog name.
  • Lancelot...Famed mythical knight.
  • Lance...Popular male dog name.
  • Lanza...Likes to sing. Call him after the legendary tenor.
  • Lava...The molten rock that gushes from a volcano.
  • Leaf...Because he's blown in to your life.
  • Lear...Shakespeare's mythical King.
  • Legend...What he will eventually become.
  • Leo...A lion?
  • Lenin...Wants to be the Boss? Call him Len for short.
  • Lennon...Call him after a rebel and musical genius.
  • Lex...Superman's arch enemy.
  • Libra...Brought some balance in to your life?
  • Licorice...Dark and distinctive.
  • Liege...A faithful and devoted subject.
  • Limbo...The state you were in till he arrived.
  • Limerick...Irish city, and a humorous poem.
  • Lindy...A lively dance. And an Unusual dog name.
  • Lingua...Always licking you? Latin for tongue.
  • Linus...Son of Apollo. The most handsome of the Greek Gods.
  • Lobo...The grey wolf. And a top male dog name.
  • Loco...Enough said.
  • Login...Has he gained access to your heart?
  • Logic...Because now it all makes sense.
  • Loki...Norse God. A real bad boy.

  • Lotha...For the dog that likes to loaf about.
  • Loot...Very expensive boy?
  • Looter...A brazen thief?
  • Loyal...Because that's what he's going to be. Guaranteed.
  • Lucifer...Demon dog.
  • Lucky...Applies to both of you.
  • Lunar...Visitor from another planet?
  • Lupus...The latin for wolf. Fun name Loopy.
  • Lurch...From the Addams Family. And a Cute dog name.
  • Lyric...Do you dance to his tune? That ends the L's of male dog names--So why not...

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