How to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Keeping your dog fit and healthy follows the exact same pattern as we should use to stay fit and healthy. It's a no-brainer really; simply combining regular exercise with a healthy diet--equals healthy dog, and healthy human.

So let's look at exercise first:

Young or old all dogs need exercising. How much exercise is dependent on 3 factors, age, size and breed. A common myth is that large dogs need more exercise than smaller one's. In a few cases the reverse is true. All breeds were originally bred with some type of work in mind. You wouldn't go far wrong by fitting the exercise to the breed type.

For example Spaniels were bred to flush out game. So, try exercising your spaniel where there's bracken, bushes, the scent of rabbits, game birds, etc. This is great mental stimulation for the dog as well. Collies enjoy any form of retrieving games, as do Labradors, and obviously Retrievers.

The quickest way to encourage obesity in your pet is to confine it to the apartment or house all day. Your also going to shorten the dog's life span. And drive it crazy with boredom.

Dog's need to run and play, therefore off-lead activity is far and away preferable to the on the lead-controlled experience-that many dogs have to endure. For the sake of 30 minutes to an hour per day, you and your dog will benefit enormously from simply exercising each other to a healthier way of life. Why not click to read more about Exercising your dog.

Feeding and keeping your dog fit and healthy.

Walk in to any supermarket and your met with a staggering variety of food to give your dog. So where do you start?

Canned, wet, dry, in a tray in a pouch, scraps, homemade? The number one thing to remember is quality. Would you feed your family on food simply because it's the cheapest? Probably not. But, hoards of pet owners do feed their dogs on the very cheapest muck that money can buy.

Dogs definetly keeping fit and healthy!

The human analogy with exercise also fits in with feeding your dog. Our nutritional needs are identical. Vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and vegetable matter. This needs to be balanced in the correct proportions.

Pet food manufacturers spend millions trying to persuade us that their offerings are the best. If you choose only the premium brands, which you definetely should, your guaranteed that the ingredients are balanced to the n'th degree. The choice is with you.

Find one that your dog likes and stay with it. Changing flavours offers variety. Changing brands, or from canned to dry, should be done gradually to avoid stomach upsets. Generally, feed the recommended amount for the size of your dog. Only increase the amount if your dog is looking thin. Good health, fitness, and energy is observed in the lean pet, not in the fat one. Why not click to read more about Dog Feeding

Dog treats and keeping your pet fit and healthy.

Dogs and treats go together like humans and their treats. Because we like treats we asume that dogs do, and we're not far wrong. Out treats often contain plenty of calories--and so too do dogs.

We know that it's wise not to eat too many treats, unfortunately dogs don't. Consequently, We need to be as careful with their treats as we are with our own if we want to keep our dog's fit and healthy.

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