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  • Ice ...Cool female puppy name if she's defrosted you.
  • Imp...A little demon?
  • Inca...A ruler of the Inca Empire.
  • Inch...Is she winning someone over little by little.
  • Indigo...A blue-violet color. A truly strange dog name.
  • Inky...Cute dog name for a black dog.
  • Indy...Short for independent. For the free wheeling puppy.
  • Iona...Tiny Scottish Island--and a Unique dog name.
  • Irma...A nice German Shepherd dog name.
  • Isis...Egyptian goddess of fertility. Planning to breed?
  • Ivory...Is she as precious as? And a pale yellow color?
  • Ivy...Is she clingy? Are you inseperable?

OK--Let's take time out for another Top Dog Tip......

Start as you mean to go on. Is a proven formula that sums up perfectly how you should approach each element in the care and training of your puppy. Consistency is its right-hand man.

Feeding your dog is no exception................ Terrier eats his dinner
  • Try to keep your dog's food bowls as clean as you keep your own plates.
  • Our diet should be based on meat. But, we need and appreciate variety in our diets.
  • We love bones--but they can cause major problems. Broken teeth being just one. So think carefully before introducing them.
  • If so, offer only the hardest bones [shin and knckle bones]. And don't allow us to become possessive over them.
  • If you feed your dog scraps. Don't dish it up as soon as you finish eating. Or, feed your puppy tidbits at the dinner table. Trust me, you will have created a consistent beggar.
  • Introduce raw carrots, as a staple accompaniment to the main meal. Most dogs love them.
  • And finally, always, leave fresh water in an accessible place.

Short-list a female puppy name from this selection......

  • Jade...The rarest and most valuable is colored white.
  • Jaffa...A very sweet orange from Israel. And a Top dog name.
  • Jane...I don't know why but it suits some dogs.
  • Janus...One of Saturn's moons. Call her Jan.
  • Java...Unique female puppy name if she's coffee colored?
  • Jasmine... Fragrant plant, with white or yellow blossoms.
  • Jazzy...Lively, spirited? Then she's Jazzy.
  • Jemma...Top female puppy name.
  • Jenny...Short for Genevieve.
  • Jewel...For your precious gem.
  • Jess...Short for Jessica. Suits a collie.
  • Jet...Black and supersonic?
  • Jezebel...Got an eye for the boys? Call her Jez.
  • Jig...Irish and a Cute dog name.

  • Joy...Simply because she is.
  • Jubilee...An unusual female puppy name.
  • Juniper...Bluish-gray berries. Call her Juni.
  • July...Born in July. Obvious, but still a nice puppy name.
  • Juno...Roman Goddess: protector of women.
  • Jura...Part of the Alpine mountain range.
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