Is a Bulldog the right dog for You?

There's no mistaking the Bulldog. This is a dog of real substance, strength and dignity. Contrary to his daunting appearance, and early history, this is one of the most agreeable and good-natured dogs you could possibly want to meet.

The Bulldog was classified as a breed as far back as medieval times. Developed in Great Britain for its tenacity and power to attack and kill bulls in the arena, it has subsequently evolved, through selective breeding, in to the affectionate and loyal dog loved by so many owners today.

The American Kennel Club has classified this proud breed in the Non-Sporting Group. He weighs in at around 44 to 55 pounds and reaches 12 to 16 inches in height. You can't mistake the squat, compact body, massive head, and large jaws, for any other breed. Powerful is the word that instantly comes to mind. But, gaze in to those dark, gentle eyes and you realise that your dealing with a big softy really.

These dogs make ideal pets for apartment owners. They are definetly an indoors breed. Perhaps, they are not the most energetic of dogs, but they will still enjoy a short stroll in the morning and perhaps a leisurely walk alongside you in the evening. The Bulldog has one mission in life--and that is to be your loyal companion.

Like any breed, these dogs have flaws. Living with a Bulldog you could be excused from thinking that your living in a frat house. Snoring, drooling, and quite frequent passing of gas is the norm. But you will find that you will excuse these sweet natured dogs almost anything.

My favourite Bulldog

These dogs are powerful, and can be willful. So, it would be wise of you to start training your puppy right from the start. Although they are not the quickest of learners, they love human attention, and fortunately are eager to please their owners. Try obedience classes. New people and strange dogs, will help to socialize your puppy far quicker than a traditional approach.

Bulldogs, in common with most dogs, love their food. Because of their dislike of exercise, obesity is quite common in this breed, so you will need to be vigilant about the portions that you feed your dog. Hip dysplasia and eye problems should also be watched for.

They can suffer from breathing problems, so you should never walk them using a choke collar. A dog harness will prevent any damage to their already small windpipes. New owners need to be particularly careful in warm weather as this dog breed is prone to heatstroke.ove the loose hair and dirt. However, the wrinkles on their face require careful cleaning with a damp cloth every day.

Without this regular maintenance your dog could develop a nasty skin infection.

The Bulldog can be a loving family pet, and a loyal companion. So, if your a bit of a couch potato, and you don't mind a dog that loves attention. Then, this could be the right dog breed for you.

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