Is a Dalmatian the right dog for You?

It's no wonder that the Dalmatian has become such an in vogue breed. The Disney movies featuring these elegant dogs has taken their popularity to a new level.

Although Dalmatian puppies are certainly as lovable as their movie counterparts, there are one or two things that you need to consider before deciding that this is the right dog for you.

These are active dogs capable of great endurance, consequently he needs plenty of exercise. They were originally bred in England during the 1700's to guard the coaches of noblemen. Dalmatians and horses worked well together. So it was natural then that they became popular with firemen, and a familiar sight running alongside their horse drawn fire wagons.

The stamina needed for this type of work means that this breed is well muscled without being stocky. The American Kennel Club classified the Dalmatian in the Non-Sporting breed group. He weighs in at 45 to 65 pound and stands 19 to 24 inches in height.

Their eyes can be clear blue, dark brown, or amber. When they are new born puppies they are pure white, and gradually the distinctive black or liver colored spots begin to appear.

Sleeping Dalmatian Puppies

This is a very energetic breed. Hyperactive behavior is common, and separation anxiety can be a problem as they love human companionship. They are playful, loyal and sensitive dogs. Sitting about in an apartment, or wandering aimlessly about in the yard, is not what this breed wants, or needs.

He needs to be able to burn up all this energy. You will need to be prepared to take this dog for a good, long romp in the park on a daily basis. If your a jogger your new pet will adore you!

Inexperienced owners may have a problem in handling these beautiful dogs, as they have a tendency to be a bit willful. If you do decide to buy a Dalmatian puppy remember that he/she is going to need training. A good idea is to find out where your local puppy training classes are.

Socializing your puppy as frequently as possible is important, since these dogs have a tendency to be a bit shy around people they don't know. They are intelligent dogs, and can be trained to a very high level of obedience.

Being such a high energy breed, they will burn up a lot of calories, so a nutritious puppy food is a must. It's a good idea to check with your veterinarian about which vitamins and supplements are best to give to your dog.

Every puppy should also be BAER-tested for deafness, as it affects 10-12% of the breed. Your veterinarian may also recommend a low protein diet, since this will help to reduce the chance of bladder or kidney stones, as these dogs can sometimes suffer from this problem.

Grooming is an easy, but regular job. Brush him once or twice a week to remove all the loose hair, and dirt. Without this you will be spending quite a lot of time cleaning up, as they shed quite heavily twice a year.

A healthy, well bred Dalmatian puppy can be a true joy to own. If you like the striking good looks of this breed, and an active, fun loving dog would fit in with your family and lifestyle, then the Dalmatian may just be the right dog for you.

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Dalmatian meets bird

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