Could the Basset Hound be the right dog for You?

According to legend George Washington became a Basset Hound owner shortly after the American Revolution. Perhaps, he took one look at those big sad eyes, and simply couldn't resist them. You could also find yourself enchanted by the Basset's sweet and loving character.

People are often surprised that a dog with such a broad chest, and short legs can actually move so gracefully. Don't be fooled by his somewhat clumsy and comical appearance. Trust me, this charming breed can run and play for hours when they are given the chance.

The adult Basset Hound weighs in at around sixty pounds, and stands between eighteen and twenty inches high. This member of the American Kennel Club's hound group can come in any AKC acknowledged hound dog color, but the most common is a dog with a white base coat with brown and black patches.

Basset's are almost maintenance free. They require very little grooming. Simply run a good bristle brush through his coat once or twive a week to remove dirt and loose hair.

It's no wonder that the Basset Hound has such a keen sense of smell, his ancestor is the Bloodhound, renowned for its tracking abilities. In common with many scent hounds the Basset can become so preoccupied by a smell that your commands to come can fall on deaf ears.

Basset's are devoted and loving pets, but a trait of this breed is a certain stubborness. New owners mistakenly think that their Basset isn't smart enough to learn obedience training. Don't be fooled. If your Basset is disobeying you, simply gaze in to those sad, brown eyes and you may just catch a crafty twinkle. They're smart dogs!

Two Basset Hounds

The Basset can be selective about the commands that he will obey. Like ignoring the stay command so that he can cuddle up closer to you. The Basset adores people and will do almost anything to be around them.

Since Basset Hounds can be a bit difficult to train, you may want to consider taking your puppy to obedience classes. This is a good idea as it helps to get your dog socialized through interaction with other puppies, and their owners. Try it out. You will meet lots of new puppies and their newbie owners!

Basset Hounds are the ideal apartment dog. They fit in to family life well. As, this breed is rather inactive indoors you have to remind yourself that he does need to go out. So don't forget to exercise your Basset daily to keep him in good health.

The Basset Hound loves to eat. Combine that with their disinterest in exercise and a warning sign starts to flash. You'll need to keep a close eye on his food consumption. Extra weight will place too much of a load on his spine and short legs, and lameness can become a distinct possibility.

You will also need to check his ears regularly. Breeds with pendulous ears like the Basset Hound can often pick up infections. Spinal related injuries and eye diseases can also afflict this breed. Otherwise the Basset is a relatively healthy breed.

So, if your looking for a dog with a melodic bark, who loves children, and will dote on you. Then a Basset Hound could definetly be the right dog for you, and your family.

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Cute little dog

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