Is a Boston Terrier the right dog for You?

Yes, the Boston Terrier could be, if you want a dog that is a member of a very exclusive club. As the name suggests it is one of the few breeds that is a true native of the USA. Considering this breeds undeniable charm, and fun-loving nature, it's not surprising that it is also one of America's most popular breeds.

The Boston Terrier is the result of a cross between the British Bulldog and the white English Terrier. These lively dogs were originally bred for dog fighting, but careful breeding has ensured that the Boston's aggresive tendencies are a thing of the past.

Popularised in the Boston area throughout the mid 1800's, the growing number of Boston Terrier enthusiasts formed a specialist breed club in 1891.The Boston became the first American breed accepted by the AKC, which classified it as part of the Non-Sporting Group.

Boston's weigh from 10 to 25 pounds and stand between 15 to 17 inches tall. Several observers have commented that the combination of a square skull, and a short muzzle gives the Boston the appearance of having a smile on his face.

Well there's no doubting that they have a sense of humour. Combined, with a level of intelligence that makes training a this breed almost painless. Another plus is this breeds sleek, short coat, making grooming an easy weekly task. Just run a good bristle brush through his coat once or twice a week to remove the loose hairs and dirt. Their coat colors can be seal, brindle, or black, with white markings.

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Dapper looking, the Boston is a friendly, very approachable dog. They are completely reliable, and playful with children, welcoming to strangers, and in their element at family gatherings. Energetic, and often boisterous as a pup it is important to begin training these little charmers right away.

Training is important; so why not consider taking your puppy to obedience classes. This is a good idea as it helps to get your dog socialized through interaction with other puppies, and their owners. This is such an intelligent breed that they truly enjoy learning, so be sure to find interesting outlets for their abundant energy.

Despite this energy the Boston Terrier will do well in an apartment. Regardless of whether you have a fenced yard, or not, you will still need to take your Boston for a brisk, daily walk. Without this daily exercise, you could find him becoming a real scallywag. You have been warned!

Boston Terriers, like most dogs enjoy their food. As youngsters it's no problem for this busy little breed to burn up the calories fast. But, you need to keep an eye on your dogs weight as he ages.

For several years the Boston was under threat from profit hungry breeders cashing in on their popularity. But, responsible breeders, through selective breeding and patience, have brought these dogs back from near eradication. However, there are still some health problems with the breed.

Because of their short muzzle there is the possibility of breathing problems when stressed or during hot weather. Heart murmers, knee problems, and injuries to their prominent eyes are also to be watched for.

Some Bostons, when they are under six months of age, may have a weakened immune system. This can lead to, a non-contagious condition known as Demodectic mange. Which if severe, can leave your Boston completely bald and covered in sores. However, most dogs grow out of the condition with treatment.

The Boston is a real family dog--playful and very affectionate. Some people can be a bit bewildered by his lively antics. But, if you want a loyal companion, and don't mind a little bit of mischief, then the Boston Terrier could be the right dog for you.

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