Could the Miniature Pinscher be the right dog for you.....

Don't be fooled by the Miniature Pinscher. Modest in size he may be, but when he looks in the mirror he sees a Great Dane reflected back. Timidity is not part of the makeup of this breed, but curiosity, spirit, and energy are.

These dogs may look like a pint-sized Doberman, but there is no direct link between the two breeds. Both dogs originated in Germany, and were probably developed from the German Standard Pinscher. But the Min Pin, as breeders like to call them, precedes the Doberman by at least two centuries.

Pinscher is German for Terrier. So its no surprise to find that the Min Pin was originally bred to hunt and kill rats. It wasn't until the late 18th century that the began to attract the interest of fanciers in the US. Their popularity prior to that had been centered on Germany and the Scandanavian countries.

They first Min Pin was registered with The American Kennel Club in 1925 as a Terrier, and 5 years later re-classified as a member of the Toy Group. They weigh in at 8-10 lbs and stand 10-12 inches in height. Compact and sleek coated, their dark brown eyes sparkle with alertness.

The Min Pin's short and lustrous coat can be stag red, red, chocolate and rust, or black and rust. Tails are usually docked. Some breeders still crop their ears, which is unnecessary, as most of these dogs will develop pricked ears upon maturity.

Miniature Pinscher puppy

The Min Pin is a busy dog. But that doesn't rule out apartment life. A brisk and interesting daily walk will keep the apartment dog in good health. If you have a yard, make sure that it is securely fenced. This is a naturally inquisitive breed, and what lies beyond the fence is a constant source of interest to many of them.

Any dog that is teased can, and often will nip their tormenter. This breed is no exception. Any dog can become a tyrant if you allow it to be. Consequently, it's a good idea to find a dog training course that is practical, and easily understood. Likewise, how you socialize your puppy is critically important regarding its future behaviour towards people and other dogs.

So, why not check out your local dog obedience classes. This is an excellent way to socialize your puppy. Meeting new dogs and new people will definetly help your Min Pin become a well-balanced adult. As a bonus, you will also have the opportunity to meet other owners and their puppies, and discuss your mutual doggy experiences--good and bad!

Miniature Pinschers can suffer from demodectic mange and patellar luxation [kneecap popping out of place] but overall they are a relatively healthy breed. Although grooming is an easy task, this breed does have problems with overgrown nails. So, after the twice weekly brush, check his nails, and trim them accordingly.

These dogs won't cost you a fortune in food bills. But, they do have a tendency to overeat if you allow it. So, if your well muscled Min Pin starts to resemble a Bulldog, you know that its time to start cutting out the tidbits.The Min Pin is not really a dog for the first time owner. Neither is it an everyman dog. But it's not known as the "King of Toys" for no reason.

A well-bred Miniature Pinscher could be the right dog for you if you want a loyal, lively, and intelligent companion. But you need to be willing to devote some of your time in socializing him if you want a--"King" to be proud of.

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Hula-hula dog

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