Here's a great selection of Male Dog Names...

  • Quack...One of the cutest of male dog names.
  • Quake...Is he an earth shaker?
  • Quartz...A hard, glossy mineral.
  • Quest...Because the hunt for him is over.

Wow, the Q's were quick. So let's check out another Top Dog Tip..........

Learning to love the dog lead.

A dog and a lead are looked upon as a natural combination. In fact the opposite is true. To a puppy being tethered in any way is a completely unnatural act.

The first time you attach a dog collar and lead to him it's almost certain that the reaction will be one of fear. And often panic. So, let's devise a more subtle way of doing things.

Buy a very soft dog collar that is the right fit for your puppy. Make sure you can slip two fingers beneath it. Just before you feed him slip on the collar. The collar will be completely forgotten at the smell and appearance of his dinner. Remove it straight after the meal, and praise him. Repeat, and gradually lengthen the time that the dog collar is on.

Now for a game. Attach a piece of wool, cotton or string to the collar, about the length of a lead. Roll a ball or toy, and let him chase after it. Pick up the end of the cotton, without it becoming taut, and follow him around. Repeat this several times over the next few days.

Finally, attach the lead you intend to train him with, to the collar at dinner time. Call him to his meal, allowing the lead to drag behind him. Remove after the meal. Repeat several times. Then, call him for his dinner, but this time pick up the lead, take up some of the tension and follow him to the bowl. Repeat regularly.

Through the association of nice things, food and play, your puppy will be well on his way to learning how to love his dog lead .

Let's return to the R's of Male Dog Names...

  • Raffles...Fictional gentleman burglar.
  • Rags...A cute puppy name.
  • Raj...Means to rule over.
  • Rajah...An Eastern prince.
  • Raisin...Dark or golden.
  • Ramble...For a dog that loves his walks. Like my best friend!

    Bean and his new coat

  • Rascal...A nice name for a delinquent.
  • Rasputin...The charasmatic "mad monk".
  • Raven...Black and shiny.
  • Rebel... Is he endlessly going on about dogs rights?
  • Red...Short, sweet, and apt.
  • Reef...Top dog name if he's the color of coral.
  • Regal...Majestic, glorious and stately. Wow what a puppy.
  • Rex...A very traditional dog name.
  • Rio...Because he loves to party.
  • Richmond...A beautiful park near London.
  • Ritz...Elegant and stylish.
  • Rocket...Well he is almost jet-propelled.
  • Rollo...First duke of Normandy. And a chocolate treat.
  • Romany... The language of the Gypsies.
  • Romeo...Does he like the ladies?
  • Rona...Tiny Scottish island with just one inhabitant.
  • Roubles...Russian money!

  • Rover...Probably the most popular of male dog names.
  • Royce...Upmarket dog name.
  • Rupee...Indian money.
  • Rudolph...Or Rudy. Almost completes our list of dog names.
  • Rufus...The latin [canis rufus] for the small red wolf.
  • Rusty...Yellowish or brownish-red. But not through neglect.
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