How do I start house training a puppy?

House training a puppy is usually the first thing that a new dog owner wants to teach their dog. Before we get to that though you might want to digest a few essential puppy training tips:
  1. Start training your puppy from day one. One person should be designated to do the training. But, other family members should be in tune with the training program to avoid any confusion.
  2. Eye contact is vital when you give any command. As is making sure that your dog is focused. Always call her by her name to attract her attention.
  3. Always use hand commands as well as words. Facial expressions, smiling when pleased, scowling when displeased, combined with the tone you use, and your overall body language; is the way forward when training your puppy.
  4. Keep lessons short: a maximum of 15 minutes, twice per day. Start the first training lessons in a quiet area. Then, build up gradually to an area with more distractions, such as the Park.
  5. Rewarding your dog is the cornerstone of training. The rewards are a treat, and praise. You reinforce good behaviour by giving a treat, and you only reprimand your dog when you catch her misbehaving. Doing it later only causes confusion.
  6. When your puppy obeys a command, you should reward her immediately. At first this should be a treat and praise. Gradually you should reduce the treats, so that eventually praise is your main training tool, and a treat is given only rarely.
  7. No, is the most important command your dog will learn. It could save her life one day. Your tone and body language should be enough to deter your dog.
  8. You have to be the one that controls the dog, and the training session. If your dog is disobedient, you must reprimand her. The most effective, but harmless, way is to squirt some water at her from a water pistol. Trust me-it works!
  9. Finally, make every training session fun. If you're happy, your dog will be. End the sessions on a high note by getting your puppy to do whatever she's best at. Then give her plenty of praise, and finish off by playing with her.

Newly born puppies

And now all about potty training a puppy

Some of the work involved in house training a puppy has been done for you by your pup's mother. She would have urged her puppy's to leave the nest to eliminate at around 6-7 weeks of age. Now you're the new mom, and your job is to set up a consistent routine of leaving the home to eliminate. Be patient, be kind, keep your expectations in check, and above all keep to the routine.
  1. Dog's like routines. Feeding, exercising and even playing with your puppy at regular times, sets him up for relieving himself at regular times.
  2. On average a 3 month old puppy needs to relieve himself every three hours. With every passing month expect to add an hour to that until 6 months of age.
  3. Anticipate! If your puppy starts sniffing intently, especially in a circular motion; this is a sure sign that he wants to go. Staying vigilant is the key to house training. After you've fed him, played with him, and especially when he awakes, make sure that you take him to the place that you have designated as the toilet area.
  4. Be patient. Allow him to sniff around at first. Then, as your puppy relieves himself use the word "Quick" . Use this word every time he eliminates in that area. Afterwards praise him for his good behaviour.
  5. Don't punish your puppy if you find a mess in the house. If you do you're teaching him to be wary of you.
  6. Also he won't understand why he is being scolded, which will make him very nervous of you. If you catch him in the act of relieving himself: Use the "No" word, in a suitably stern way, and take him to the correct place for eliminating.

House training a puppy is easiest, and often quicker if you have a designated area, outside of the home for your puppy to relieve himself. If your circumstances don't allow for this crate training a puppy is usually recommended. Restricting the puppy to a crate when life gets busy also helps to keep accidents to a minimum.

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