All about common puppy problems.

Puppy problems or problem puppies? What follows is a short list of questions that puppy owners frequently ask.

The most common puppy problems are answered on these two starter pages: Dog Health starter page. And the Puppy Training Guide starter page.

Why do puppies eat poo?

This is quite common behaviour amongst puppies. Only they know why they do it, perhaps it goes back to the mother cleaning up the den. Dog droppings can contain intestinal parasites, and when eaten can create problems with chronic diarrhoea.

If you catch your puppy in the act use the no or leave command. If she still eats it, then your going to have to be vigilant. You will have to watch out for when she eliminates, and spray it with Bitter Apples, or Tabasco sauce. This generally works. Virtually all puppies grow out of this habit within their first year.

Other creature's feces also seem attractive to puppies: the feces of horses, deer, rabbits, they all seem equally attractive. Again you need to stay vigilant and use the "no" command when you catch her in the act.

A problem puppy-No Way-he's going to be trained!

Dog mounting and dog spraying - can I stop it?

Mounting is a perfectly natural bonding and/or status establishing behaviour amongst dogs, but it can drive pet owners up the wall. In place of another dog your cushions, rugs or leg can become the object of desire.

I let my female dog have a furry toy dog, which she mounts and then shakes the life out of, and I'm okay with that. Some people wouldn't be.

To deter a puppy from this behaviour you can use the "no" command whenever it happens, or you can squirt him with a water pistol. Just be kind to him after this, and initiate a game.

Spraying is usually associated with territorial dominance, but sometimes it's just plain old anxiety and frustration. If you've been neglecting your puppy this could be why he or she has resorted to marking as a form of comfort.

Neutering or Spaying can be a remedy for problems related to sex. You should consult your vet and follow her advice.

Dogs rolling in muck - why do they do it?

Yes most dogs do it, and most of mine were grade A champions at it. It seems that the smellier it is the more attractive it becomes. The rotting corpses of other animals are a favourite as is the droppings of larger animals. It's instinctive, not part of being a puppy problem.

Dog behaviourists believe that it stems back to a dog's wolf origin. The muck is construed as a possible food source, and by rolling in it, he can take that scent back to the pack and they can return to it for a possible meal.

You won't stop this behaviour, you can only remain vigilant when out walking, and hope to catch her before the act, and issue the "no" command.

Dog's eating grass - is it harmful?

This is another instinctive behaviour. Dogs seem to know what vegetation they should eat, and when they should eat it. They seem to know that it will cause them to vomit, and that this is beneficial to them.

The grass acts as a binding agent around any offending matter that is causing them discomfort. Access to the right kind of grasses and weeds therefore seems to protect dogs from food poisoning and indigestion.

Dogs frequently browse through a field or woods until they come across just the right type of greenery that they want, and then proceed to eat it. Whether they are using it as an aid to digestion or for some other health reason- there's one thing for sure- don't stop your puppy from eating the grass!

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A problem puppy?

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